Work @ Angélina

I spent 4 months at Angélina working at different stations.

I worked at the entremets stations for more than 2 months, first in the morning shift to finish decorating the cakes and pastries for the day and work on the montage of other desserts and then in the afternoon shift, working mostly on finishing the cakes and dispatching them to the different outlets.

Here’s a little selection

The job consisted in filling the tart shells and the choux, finishing and decorating pastries, help with the montage (assembly), preparing different elements (jellies, creams, gianduja…), and impressive amount of lemon cutting!

I then spent the rest of the time at the oven station. Work would start at 6.00 in the morning with the baking of all the breakfast items (croissants, pains au chocolat, apple sleepers, brioches…). Then we would work on elements for montage (brownies for the Choc Africain, sables for the Saori, macaroon shells, choux buns for eclairs and religieuses…). Creams and ganaches are also made at this station.



In July, I started working at Angélina for my second internship.

Angélina is a very famous tea room in Paris where you can queue for a very long time before getting a table. It is ideally located on Rivoli Street between the Hotel Crillon, the Place Vendome (jewelers), and the museum of the Louvre.

It is very famous for its Mont-Blanc and hot chocolate.

Mont-Blanc and hot chocolate

You can visit their website where you will get sneak previews of their pastries which I will comment in my next post.

The second half of my internship in Café Pouchkine was spent in entremets which is the section where we put everything together to make the more complex items (pastries, dessert cakes…).

I was helping with the bits and pieces and was an extra hand in the montage of some of the pastries.

Most of the time we would start at 6.30 in the morning to prepare the individual pastries of the day. I would finish the decorations (put the rose petal here, the bit of grass there, the glazing, the chocolate square with the name on it).

You can see some pictures of the final products here.

I would also cut some of the cakes and decorate them, like the strudel for example.


Working in the chocolate section at Café Pouchkine wasn’t as difficult as I thought. My little experience at school wasn’t really conclusive. This experience helped me gain confidence in that field.

Here are a few pictures showing the different things I worked on.


I was in charge of moulding the white chocolate. Then I would pierce the hole and pipe chocolate drops around the edge of the windows and on top of it. When ready to be used, I would also spray it with cocoa butter.

Rose du Tsar

I was working with the Senior Chocolatier. I was putting what we called chocolate glue one the dessert and he would stick the petals. He was very fast and speed and synchronicity was paramount to ensure that glue wasn’t dry before he would put the petals. The desserts kept coming back and forth to put the different layers of chocolate.

Lemon Cake

Left Fruit Cake, Right Raspberry and Sesame cake

Decorating the cakes was my daily duty. I had to the glazing on them, apply the chocolate on the plastic transfers and put the bows together.



The truffles at Pouchkine are humongous. The consist in an inner shell filled with cherry or caramel which will be inset in another shell filled with truffle ganache. The whole thing is then dipped in ganache and rolled in cocoa powder mix with either gold or silver dust. It is the most beautiful thing ever. I have moulded and filled the shells, prepared the ganache and rolled the truffle in powder.


Chocolate Zigzag

Chocolate Triangle

Other tasks included the making of decorating accessories as shown in pictures. I had also the opportunity to work on the ruby piece for the Charlotte once. I can’t say I was very good at it. I had to stick silver sugar pearls to the sugar ruby by melting it. I had to be fast but the pearls kept rolling away from the ruby like a magnet forced in the wrong direction. And when I managed to stick them, they would often burst due to the eat of the sugar and by the time I took the debris off it, they would already be stuck. And I haven’t mentioned the burns.

The first month of my internship at Café Pouchkine was spent in the Chocolate factory. I have been working on the Easter collection, moulding, filling and decorating the eggs and the chickens and putting them together. It was quite a stressful operation since the items are so delicate. It is quite a heart stopper when one of the complete boxes fell on the floor (and don’t look at me, everybody at a go at it from the senior chocolatier to the delivery guy and probably the girls at the shop too).

Here’s a little video of Chef Ryon giving the selling pitch to a journalist.

Easter Hens full of eggs

Cake Rainbow

Iced Desserts